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How To Write a Killer Joint Venture Proposal

Sohail Khan | August 25th, 2009 | Blogroll, Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

Below are the key steps in writing a killer JV proposal:

1.     Use a captivating headline or opening sentence that offers your JV partner a great benefit, picques their curiosity and compels them to read your whole letter. If the headline and/or opening sentence is targeted and good enough, they will read the next one etc. If any part of your offer is not compelling enough, they won’t read the rest and you will lose them.

2.    Introduce and present yourself in such a way as to show them that you are serious, professional and trustworthy.

3.    Make sure you are very clear as to what you want to do. Specify all the ideas and plans that you have in mind. Being vague will not work in your favour as people are busy.

4.    Make your prospects feel unique and special.

5.    Make your offer hard to resist. Remember that you have to sell your joint venture to your potential partner. Write it like a sales letter and do not hard-sell them. Pull them into your offer, incite them to accept your offer.

6.    Explain who you are, how long you have been in business, what your product or service is like, how many people you have in your customer list, how responsive they are, your website URL, your conversion rate and any other info that you believe would be of interest to the other party for them to make an educated decision.

7.    Make it look simple. Keep it organized and logical.


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12 Week ‘International JV Broker Certification Program’ NOW LIVE!

Sohail Khan | August 22nd, 2009 | Blogroll, Joint Venture Training, Newsletter, Newsletter

Please find the link below to details on our new 12 Week ‘International Joint Venture Broker Certification Program’ with me, Gina Gaudio-Graves, Willie Crawford and David Preston – we only have a few slots available now for the next few days, so you need to hurry!

For more details and to enroll please click the link below: 

Please find what you will learn in the 12 week curriculum below:

Week 1 – Introduction to Joint Ventures
What is a Joint Venture?
Creating the WIN-WIN-WIN Scenario
Finding Prospective Joint Venture Partners
The Right Mindset for Joint Venture Success
The Biggest Mistakes
Q & A

Week 2 – Relationship Building 101
Serving vs. Selling
The RIGHT Way and the WRONG Way to Approach Prospective JV Partners
Stealth Tactics for Getting Noticed by JV Partners
Strategic Relationship Building
Q & A

Week 3 – Finding and Working With Your Clients
Finding Clients ONline
Finding Clients OFFline
Evaluating Opportunities to Locate Potential Clients (i.e. “The Million Dollar JV Formula”)
Value Added Propositions and Easy to Set-Up JV’s
Q & A

Week 4 – What Kind of JV Should You Use?
Building the WIN-WIN-WIN Proposition
Examples of Successful Joint Ventures
LIVE Intake Assessment and Evaluation
Q & A


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How To Make MORE Money Brokering JV’s Between Your Existing Clients

The JVU Founders | August 19th, 2009 | Blogroll, Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

What if there was a way for you to not only help your current clients make money quickly in the current economy but also for you to profit from it without ‘any work’ on your part?

You see ALL your clients have under-utilized resources that can be leveraged. These resources could include employees, inventory, office space, advertising space, expertise, money, distribution, databases, customers… the list goes on and on.

So as a Joint Venture Broker you need to understand your client’s business (which you do) and the business owner’s real needs (which you already know).

Once you know what they really want, what their customer acquisition costs are and you have a good idea of the potential lifetime value of each of their customers, you are in a very good position to put together deals between your existing clients.

And of course, you just take a cut of the resulting business! EASY!


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The BENEFITS Of Becoming a ‘Million Dollar’ JV Broker

The JVU Founders | August 17th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

JV Brokering is such a lucrative and exclusive field. Knowing all the advantages you can derive in a career as a JV broker will develop within you a love for this job like I have. Loving your work is essential to your success, of course.

JV brokering, you see, is a highly creative business. It may not seem apparent right now, but trust me, there is more creativity involved in JV brokering than in any other field of marketing.

JV brokering, being the highly creative avenue that it is, will require a passion for the business. This is why you should love what you’re doing.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that can be brought about by becoming a JV broker:

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Why You Should Use The JV University’s Brokering Services To Find JV Partners

The JVU Founders | August 13th, 2009 | The Thirty Day Challenge

As a business owner, the number one reason to use an organization such as The JV University is to gain assistance with finding super affiliates (online) or finding relevant quality customer lists (offline) to promote your product, product launch or service to.

The JV University and it’s JV Team will find quality super affiliates (for a nominal upfront refundable fee and ongoing commission) that have the necessary skills to promote your product, but those super affiliates will also have a specific interest in promoting your product.

In other words The JV University will make sure that there is something about your product that piques the interest of each individual super affiliate.

The JV University and it’s JV Team will also find targeted customer lists to promote your products or services to (for a nominal upfront refundable fee and ongoing commission). This is not the same as just contacting an email campaign network. It goes a little deeper, while some of the promotions are done via email, it is still quite different.


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The MISSING Element In All JV Broker Certification Courses

The JVU Founders | August 12th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

As someone who has done some very ‘high-level’ Joint Venture deals I have come across other so called ‘JV Brokers’ who have completed one of the many programs on the market and a majority of them have failed to reach the initial expectation of being a ‘highly-paid’ JV Broker.

Why?After studying many other ‘JV Broker’ courses on the market I realized that the biggest missing element was no ongoing support (unless you wanted to pay $25,000 for the mastermind program with ongoing support!).

You see, the missing element is being part of an organization that helps promote Joint Venture education amongst today’s businesses, many JV Broker’s (after having spent thousands of dollars) go out on their own with NO track record, support, marketing training or motivation to do BIG deals and FAIL miserably!

Having researched and spoken to students on Jay Abraham’s, Robin Elliot’s, Reed Floren’s and Bob Serling’s JV Brokering programs it became evident that they needed to belong to a supporting organization for long-term success.

This is why we believe that our upcoming and unique JV Brokering Certification program is the best on the market because not only do you become part of The JV University but also get access to additional programs to enhance your chances of being truly successful in understanding what businesses and potential JV clients really want.

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10 Important Questions You MUST Ask Potential JV Partners

The JVU Founders | August 11th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

After building rapport with potential JV partners you must ask them some or all of the following 10 questions, depending on the potential arrangement:

1. Is Your Mailing List Composed of Buyers or Visitors/Leads? Buyers have always been and will be more profitable than leads. Knowing if there are some visitors in that list is VERY important, as they have been known to complain about spam/junk mail, even If they signed up to receive future mailings.

2. How Big Is Your Mailing List? If they don’t have enough names, forget it. As a rule of thumb, bigger is better. However is you are selling a high-ticket product then this is not always the case.

3. How Often Do You Contact Them? Monthly to weekly contact is excellent. But anything more often than that may hinder your chances of reaching the maximum percentage of prospects possible.

4. Do They Buy From You Often and If So, How Often on Average? The more they buy, the better, because they are used to spending money with the owner of the list. Customers that buy often from, or follow the recommendation of, a list owner is a very good sign because you know that they have a good relationship.


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How To BROKER Joint Ventures Successfully

The JVU Founders | August 10th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

When you take the time to sit down with potential JV partners and ask the questions, it’s amazing to find that they are a lot richer in resources than they think.

They have memberships, underutilized resources like parking spaces, homes, rooms, equipment that isn’t being used, vending machines, inventory that they can’t move, relationships, access, vehicles, boats, aircraft, friends and information that can all be converted into value and therefore into cash by YOU.

Someone else wants what you have. When you talk with partner A and find that he wants what partner B has, you can do a deal.

Then do a joint venture and sell him partner B’s stuff and make a huge profit.

This all sounds great but approaching potential partners is the most intimidating part of the joint venture deal even my co-founders Willie Crawford, David Preston, Gina Gaudio-Graves and I still get intimidated sometimes!

The best strategy before contacting potential JV partners is to build rapport. This seems obvious, but so many people simply don’t bother building relationships.


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How To Find The RIGHT JV Partners

The JVU Founders | August 9th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

When you’re looking for the RIGHT JV partners, it’s important that you find someone that is both willing to partner with another company – and has the resources to actually make you money. It’s that simple.Here’s how you can tell if you should partner with someone or not (or even approach them):

Your potential partner has to be LASER-TARGETED to your product, or to your contact base. If they aren’t, then forget it…

Your potential partner MUST have an incredibly active, trusting and money-spending customer base or contact list.

Your potential partner MUST be upstanding and have a perfect track-record. Ask for references and “Google” them and their products to check out their reputation online. The odd complaint here and there is to be expected, but if it seems to be a chronic problem, then steer clear…

Tips for finding partners that will guarantee you success from day one:

Go BIG. Contact the big, wealthy and ‘intimidating’ companies in your niche first. They are, in most cases, much more open to discussing partnerships because they realize that they can easily add to their bottom line by leveraging your product instead of having to research and develop their own.

A JV Broker friend of mine in the US decided to go directly to the biggest chain of sports gym’s in his state to help them re-activate their customer database by joint venturing with his client a sports nutrition company giving away FREE samples!


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Is JV Brokering The Most LUCRATIVE Profession In Today’s Economy?

The JVU Founders | August 8th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

There is a way to make lots of money in today’s ‘unsure’ economy by simply being a middleman or JV broker. The role of the JV broker is a person who finds JV partners, sets up the deal and takes a percentage of the profits

JV brokering is not a very difficult concept to understand. Just imagine an orchestra. Surely, such an ensemble wouldn’t be able to play marvelous music without the conductor. The conductor simply brings all the band members together and commands them how to proceed with a masterpiece. The conductor doesn’t have to play any musical instruments; he just needs a good working knowledge.

The appeal of JV brokering lies in the fact that you can actually earn really good money by being one without having to create your own product, without having to employ any marketing strategies, and more often than not, without having to invest anything financially.

For example, I managed to secure a very lucrative Joint Venture deal which not only required me to just find the product and match it with my JV partner’s customer list but also my JV partner did ALL the fulfillment of the actual product which I licensed to them from another company taking a very healthy percentage of the ongoing profit!

Also take a look at my co-founders Willie Crawford, David Preston and Gina Gaudio-Graves ALL known as JV Broker Experts easily making HUGE fees from simple JV Brokering (just type their names into Google to see their successes using JV’s) and now not only teaching others how to do the same but also helping businesses manage successfull Joint Ventures through The JV


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