Is JV Brokering The Most LUCRATIVE Profession In Today’s Economy?

The JVU Founders | August 8th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter

There is a way to make lots of money in today’s ‘unsure’ economy by simply being a middleman or JV broker. The role of the JV broker is a person who finds JV partners, sets up the deal and takes a percentage of the profits

JV brokering is not a very difficult concept to understand. Just imagine an orchestra. Surely, such an ensemble wouldn’t be able to play marvelous music without the conductor. The conductor simply brings all the band members together and commands them how to proceed with a masterpiece. The conductor doesn’t have to play any musical instruments; he just needs a good working knowledge.

The appeal of JV brokering lies in the fact that you can actually earn really good money by being one without having to create your own product, without having to employ any marketing strategies, and more often than not, without having to invest anything financially.

For example, I managed to secure a very lucrative Joint Venture deal which not only required me to just find the product and match it with my JV partner’s customer list but also my JV partner did ALL the fulfillment of the actual product which I licensed to them from another company taking a very healthy percentage of the ongoing profit!

Also take a look at my co-founders Willie Crawford, David Preston and Gina Gaudio-Graves ALL known as JV Broker Experts easily making HUGE fees from simple JV Brokering (just type their names into Google to see their successes using JV’s) and now not only teaching others how to do the same but also helping businesses manage successfull Joint Ventures through The JV

The JV broker essentially determines the type of resources the client needs, and works with the client to determine what can be offered to joint venture partners. The JV broker also works out how to present the offer to joint venture partners where the prospective partners see the win-win situation.

Let’s take a look at the three main benefits that can be brought about by being a JV broker:

1.      You don’t need to spend years building your customer list and constantly trying to build a better relationship with your subscriber base.

2.      You don’t need to keep track of the sales made, of how much money is owed to whom, of fulfilling the product and sending it out, etc.

3.      You just step in, leverage those resources, and make colossal profits by bringing people together and contributing to    others.

Over the next few weeks, Gina and I will be filling you in on the details of what’s coming and how YOU fit in!  Subscribe to the RSS feed here on the blog to stay up to date so you won’t miss any of the details!

To Your Abundant Joint Venture Success!

Sohail Khan (the “Million Dollar JV Master”)

President & Co-Founder,

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