12 Week ‘International JV Broker Certification Program’ NOW LIVE!

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Please find the link below to details on our new 12 Week ‘International Joint Venture Broker Certification Program’ with me, Gina Gaudio-Graves, Willie Crawford and David Preston – we only have a few slots available now for the next few days, so you need to hurry!

For more details and to enroll please click the link below:


Please find what you will learn in the 12 week curriculum below:

Week 1 – Introduction to Joint Ventures
What is a Joint Venture?
Creating the WIN-WIN-WIN Scenario
Finding Prospective Joint Venture Partners
The Right Mindset for Joint Venture Success
The Biggest Mistakes
Q & A

Week 2 – Relationship Building 101
Serving vs. Selling
The RIGHT Way and the WRONG Way to Approach Prospective JV Partners
Stealth Tactics for Getting Noticed by JV Partners
Strategic Relationship Building
Q & A

Week 3 – Finding and Working With Your Clients
Finding Clients ONline
Finding Clients OFFline
Evaluating Opportunities to Locate Potential Clients (i.e. “The Million Dollar JV Formula”)
Value Added Propositions and Easy to Set-Up JV’s
Q & A

Week 4 – What Kind of JV Should You Use?
Building the WIN-WIN-WIN Proposition
Examples of Successful Joint Ventures
LIVE Intake Assessment and Evaluation
Q & A

Week 5 – Product Launch Joint Ventures
The Difference Between Affiliates & JV Partners
The Role of the Broker in a Product Launch
“The Big 3” (Killer Product or Service, Even Better USP & the “Package” to Tie 1 & 2 Together)
The JV Miracle Checklist
The Pareto Principle
Traffic for the Product Launch
“Moving the Free Line” & “Social Proof”
JV Partner Tools
Q & A

Week 6 – Product Creation Joint Ventures
Choosing Your Topic
Finding The RIGHT Partner
Creating the Plan
Tools of the Trade
Q & A

Week 7 – Traffic Joint Ventures
Affiliate Marketing vs. Joint Ventures
Using Blogs for Joint Ventures
Tracking for JV Partners
Copywriting for JV Success
Q & A

Week 8 – List Building Joint Ventures
The JV Giveaway Model
Hosting a List Building Joint Venture For Your JV Partners
Participant in Other Peoples’ List Building Joint Ventures
List Building for the Offline Business
Q & A

Week 9 – Offline Joint Ventures
LIVE Intake Assessment and Evaluation
Examples of Offline JV’s
Putting together Buyer Rewards Programs
Using Offline JV’s for Social Purposes (CASE STUDY)
Q & A

Week 10 – Hybrid Offline/Online Joint Ventures
What To Look For in the Clients
Evaluating the Kind of JV to Use
LIVE Intake Assessment and Evaluation
Q & A

Week 11 – “JV’s on The Fly” Real Life Examples of Building Successful Joint Ventures
Q & A

Week 12 – Joint Venture Case Studies — Tying It All Together
Dissecting a $350,000+ Product Launch
Dissecting a $1,000,000 Joint Venture
Examining and Planning YOUR First Joint Venture
The Joint Venture Flowchart
Q & A

For more details and to enroll please click the link below:


To Your Abundant Joint Venture Success!

Sohail Khan (the “Million Dollar JV Master”)

President & Co-Founder, The JV University.com


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