A Really GREAT Joint Venture Example!

Sohail Khan | October 8th, 2009 | Joint Venture Training, Newsletter, Newsletter

Here’s an example of a really GREAT joint venture you can do today:

Let’s say there is an auto mechanic and an auto detailer in your town. And let’s say the auto mechanic has a large list of loyal customers who trust him and go to him on a regular basis, even if it’s just to get their oil changed.

Well, all you need to do is make a deal with the auto detailer and auto mechanic, where the mechanic sends all his customers a flier or short letter (he can insert it in his regular customer mailings if he wants) telling everyone about how wonderful the auto detailer is, how his prices are fair and all the reasons why they should take their cars to him to get detailed.

And then, for each customer the mechanic sends to the detailer, you split the money three ways, with you getting a slice of the profits in exchange for “setting up the deal”.

This way everyone wins: the mechanic makes money without lifting a finger, the detailer gets dozens of new customers he wouldn’t normally have gotten – many of which will continue to spend their money getting their cars detailed with him in the future – and you get paid…

Just For Bringing The Deal Together!

Which wouldn’t have happened without you.

What kind of money can you realistically make on a deal like this?

Well, if the mechanic sends the detailer at least 50 new customers, and if the net profit on each new customer the auto detailer services is an average of $200 per car, there would be a total of $10,000 in sales. Split that evenly three ways and you will have made well over $3,000…with little or no real “effort”.

But even more remarkable is the fact that, since the mechanic made money without lifting a finger, and since the detailer got 50 new customers without spending a nickel in advertising (saving himself at least a few thousand dollars), they will almost certainly want to keep doing this same deal over and over again – month after month and year after year. The only difference being, you will be getting paid each and every time…

Without Doing A Thing!

Does that sound good to you?

Then hang on, it gets even better. Because the real beauty about this – and I see it all the time – is after doing several of these deals, you will have money coming in from multiple different streams. Which means your income is not vulnerable to recessions, depressions, company downsizing or any of the economic forces that affect everyone else you know.

Think of it this way: If you set up only one of these deals per month, for an entire year, and each deal brings in just a thousand dollars per month, you’ll be raking in $12,000 per month, or…

$144,000 Per Year!

And that’s looking at it conservatively. Fact is, if you do everything the right way, each deal can bring in way MORE than just a thousand dollars per month.

But here’s the best part: Since your downside is nothing more than the time it takes to put the deal together…and since your own personal slice of the profits can be thousands of dollars in immediate, take-it-to-the-bank cash…

Just One Of These Deals Can Make You Wealthy!

In fact, even though you can make a few thousand dollars per month (or more) just putting smaller deals together, there will probably come a time – when you’re ready, and when you start to get really good at this – when you will want to go after bigger deals. The ones that can earn you 6, maybe even 7, figures. Deals so hot they literally pay off your house, your cars and fund the rest of your life.

And when this is the case, the businesses you are working with may not be able to fully exploit these deals with their own budgets, and you may have to find a way to finance everything yourself.

What do you do when this happens?

The answer is simple: You finance these deals…

With Other Peoples’ Money!

Believe it or not, there are thousands of investors out there – flush with cash – looking for good deals to invest their money in.

And when you know how to find these investors, present what you have and prove to them you know how to set everything up…you will have a line of these serious investors practically shoving their money in your hands…begging you to let them invest in your deals.

All of which means you can make a lot of money (fast) just “deal making” at your kitchen table, over the phone, on the Internet, even with regular postal mail. Without having any money, without any products to sell and without even having a real “business”!

Technically, this is called “joint venture marketing” and there are so many businesses out there willing to do this with you (once you show them how it works) that, even if a thousand people in your hometown all jumped up today and started doing joint ventures…

You’d Never Run Out Of Deals!

Now, this all sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? And it is…if…you have all the details.

First of all, you need to know how to tell the difference between the deals that will be profitable and the deals that don’t have a prayer of working. This isn’t brain surgery, but if you don’t know what to look for, you could end up wasting a lot of time doing joint ventures with the wrong businesses.

Secondly, even though there’s little cost, zero risk, and they produce extremely fast profits – most people have never heard about joint ventures. And it’s only natural for them to be doubtful when strangers contact them. So you have to know what to say and how to show proof joint ventures will work for them…especially if…you are just starting out, with no experience.

Thirdly, once you set up these deals, you will usually have to find or create the advertising. You can hire someone to create it for you (which will cost you a thousand dollars or more, minimum) but unless the person you hire is familiar with how joint ventures work, they probably won’t be much help.

And then there are all the other things you need to know – like tracking the sales (so you know what your share of the money is), finding investors (once you go for the big deals), and making sure everything happens smoothly – from start to finish.

Again, this isn’t rocket science. But since there’s nothing on joint ventures in the bookstores, and since they don’t teach it at any of the schools – you are going to have to learn it yourself.

Now, there’s the hard way of learning it – through the school of “hard knocks”.

There’s the expensive way of learning it – paying a joint venture expert to show you how.

And then there’s the easy way of learning it – which is to find a product that will give you enough “guidance” to start doing these deals yourself…without paying outrageous consulting fees.

And that’s where I can (hopefully) help you.

The good news is, now there is a quicker and easier way to learn how to put together and profit from Joint Ventures through The JV University’s 12 week hands-on certified JV consultant’s training program where we hold your hand and even let you work on LIVE projects while you are being trained.

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To Your Abundant Joint Venture Success!

Sohail Khan (the “Million Dollar JV Consultant”)

President & Co-Founder, TheJVUniversity.com