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Joint Ventures for Solo Entrepreneurs

Sohail Khan | February 11th, 2010 | Blogroll, Joint Venture Training, Newsletter, Newsletter, The Thirty Day Challenge, Thirty Day IM Challenge

This week I had a conversation with a few coaches and consultants who asked me, “Sohail, are Joint Ventures just for big businesses?” and I replied, “Joint Ventures are just what they are called a venture joining 2 or more companies towards the same goal!”

You see many Solo Entrepreneurs work from a home office. Their only connections to the outside world are the internet / e-mail and the telephone. Cold calling, “warm” calling and sending e-mails may seem like the most obvious way to let people know about them and to generate sales. But, there’s another way that works even better.

An alliance is usually an agreement between two businesses whose services or products compliment each other. Each agrees to recommend the other’s services to their respective clients and to pay a percentage to the other if the referral results in paying work.