How To Network With Speakers At Seminars

Sohail Khan | March 14th, 2010 | Blogroll, Joint Venture Training, Newsletter, Newsletter, The Thirty Day Challenge, Thirty Day IM Challenge

I have just left Yanik Silver’s Underground 6 Seminar in DC and spent a lot of time showing people how as a JV Broker I network with the speakers and get to know them (which has now led to me speaking at some top events around the world!).

On my way here I came across a guy from the UK Aaron Darko from who won Yanik’s Young Entreprenuer Scholarship Program this year and was fascinated to hear the techniques he used to get to know the speakers.

So, I asked Aaron to share his top 10 tips on ‘How To Network With Speakers At Seminars’.

Many of us think that we are good communicators. But put us in a totally new, unkown environment and we curl up in our shell like turtles! The best way to grow is to get around new things, new people, new experiences etc.

So knowing how to network effectively is key. If you don’t already; GO TO SEMINARS! That’s where all the like minded people are and you will get great ideas just by interacting with different people.

Tony Robbins said

“The only way to change your life is to get around new voices”

1) Prepare in advance – look at the speakers list and target the ones you want to speak to.

2) Dress appropriately – Wear smart casual clothing or even a suit – dont wear a tracksuit or any blatent sportswear! Keep it cool!

3) After each speaker has spoken go to the back and speak with them – this is important as you are introducing yourself straight away.

Ask them intelligent questions.

Say ‘Hi my name is ___ and I currently _____ (say what you do – online or offline) I enjoyed your presentation ….then ask them an intelligent question

4) Go and talk to speakers during breaks – Here you are basically befriending them now – you’ve ideally already spoke to them after they spoke and now you’re just getting to know them more by asking them questions like how their life is, what they do in their spare time etc etc.

5) Get Photos with speakers – Really important. Why? Because if you dont, think about if you will be remembered! In the email you’ll say ‘hi my names Bob from the seminar was great talking with you’ And the speaker is thinking ‘Who The Hell Is Bob!’

However if you take a picture with them and attach it when you email them they are more likely to remember you. This is what I do with all of them like Mark Anastasi.

6) Make them laugh – laughter is the lubricant that enables people to take in information better. So be humorous! After all they are just like you! Just that they know a bit more than you!

7) Be yourself – don’t make out to be someone you’re not because honestly there’s no point.

8) Be confident – confidence is what makes this whole networking experience. If you don’t have the confidence to go up there and introduce yourself you are just wasting great opportunities. Summon the confidence to put these tips to use!

9) Make sure you listen closely – this is so so important. Listen closely to every word, when they are finished pause before you answer. If you are unlcear about something then ask ‘how do you mean’ this then gives them the opportunity to clarify any points you misunderstood.

10) Keep In Touch after the event – You HAVE to keep in touch otherwise the work you just did to build the relationship was pointless. Its not easy to remember to keep in touch but its a good habit you need to develop. I’m still trying to get good at it, its an ongoing learning process. Typically 3 days after the seminar up to a week you want to contact the speaker with your photo and see how they are.

Thats all! Now you can go network like crazy!

Hope you enjoyed these tips from my friend Aaron Darko

Remember to get out there and go to seminars – you meet some great people

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