How To Connect With Millionaires and Billionaires

Sohail Khan | April 21st, 2010 | Blogroll, Joint Venture Training, Newsletter, Newsletter, The Thirty Day Challenge, Thirty Day IM Challenge

I just got back recently from spending a few days with some of the top millionaires and billionaires in America. I was at my friends 40,000 sq foot mansion in Tampa. I don’t know about you, but I have never been in such a big house!

I recently had the opportunity to be invited to and join a $25,000 Mastermind group run by my friend Roger Salam of  The Winners Circle. Let me tell you something, after just one meeting I felt as if I had been catapulted to an entirely new level! Why? Because I was surrounded with incredibly bright, talented, successful and generous millionaires and billionaires who were just as interested in my success as I am in theirs. What an incredible feeling!

To connect with millionaires and billionaires YOU must provide something of value to them. Don’t forget these are extremely busy people and do not have time for Idle chit chat!  I believe everybody has something we need and the important need here is a solution to remove their pain or problems. If you dedicate yourself to serve others then you will make that CONNECTION.

Also, develop yourself as a leader and winner as success only breeds success. Be interesting and have a really cool story that you can share, make them want to connect with you! I have made so many ‘high-level’ connections because of this strategy.

My good friend Larry Benet (known as The Connector, who has also had the pleasure of the 40,000 sqft mansion mastermind) always mentions that you attract the people you think about-The Law of attraction really does work If you think about attracting prosperity and millionaires into your life and you take action towards those things, you are increasing the chance that will happen; or something even better.

I challenge you to think about the people you are networking with and surrounded by. Are they where you want to go? Or, are they where you are? Do they support you? Or, are they secretly threatened by your success? I think it’s important to be in a variety of networking groups.

There are three categories:

  1. Those groups that allow you to really give to the other members or those you serve
  2. Those groups that include your peers 
  3. Those groups that will really stretch you!

The third group is KEY because it will give you a chance to grow and stretch to the next level so you can truly reach your highest and greatest potential!


  1. Evaluate the networking groups you are involved with today. Are they balanced like the example above? 
  2. If not, are you ready and willing to make a change? By when? 

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To Your Abundant Joint Venture Success!

Sohail Khan (the “7 Figure JV Expert”)

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