About “The JV University”

The JVU Founders | August 7th, 2009 |

There are two parts to The JV University — the JV Broker training course that will teach you how to facilitate (broker) joint ventures and a services arm that will organize joint ventures for online and offline businesses.

There are even two separate ways that we can provide JV Broker services — for those who know what type of joint venture they want to use, we can manage and organize a joint venture for them.  For those who know that they want to use leverage to grow their business, we can help guide them to understand how joint ventures can help them and then show them potential joint ventures that we spot, and go on to manage and organize the joint venture for them.

Enroll in the first “International Joint Venture Broker Certification” Program and learn how to organize profitable joint ventures AND have the opportunity to continue working with us on an ongoing basis, by becoming a JV Facilitator/JV Broker for OUR clients!  The first 100 students get more than 75% off the REGULAR RETAIL PRICE of all that it’s included with the course at:


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